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286 Kennington Rd
London, SE11 5DU
United Kingdom


Pelican Pre-School Nursery

Specialist day care for children from 2 to 5 years.


Our Pre-School Nursery is located in the delightful St. Anselm’s Church Hall on
Kennington Road – of which we have exclusive use.  Built as a mission school in the 1890’s
our open plan nursery is a bright, spacious and stimulating environment, divided into dedicated
areas for learning, indoor and outdoor play and of course, rest.

We provide your child with a structured day – something children of this age like –
with two groups providing activities and interaction appropriate for their ages.

Yellow Group

When your child is ready to join this group – usually between 22 and 27 months – they will be
able to manage the bigger, busier environment of our pre-school nursery. 

Many will have a burst of language development and our emphasis with the younger children
is on encouraging social cooperation. In practical terms this involves encouraging children to share,
to get involved in more group activities and play and to manage their emotions – something that
becomes easier for them as their language skills develop. 

Green Group

Your child will join our Green Group between 36 and 40 months. 

Most will be potty trained and relatively independent. Our emphasis is still very much on play
but also more formal and structured learning begins at this point. 

Whilst we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which provides a broad
and rich learning experience for young children, our philosophy remains to encourage and guide
your child along their own individual learning path, often utilising Montessori
teaching method and apparatus.